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Battle Earth VII

Autor: Nick S. Thomas

Wydawnictwo: Swordworks

Rok wydania: 2012

Seria: Battle Earth

Tom: 7

ISBN: Kindle

Liczba stron: 181


The seventh instalment of an epic science fiction series that tells of humanity's desperate struggle to survive against an overwhelming alien invasion. Four years have passed since the armies of the alien lord Demiran were defeated. With no war left to fight, Colonel Taylor is paraded around the World as the leading figure of a publicity machine. The Inter-Allied 'Immortals' seem all but a distant memory now peace has been won. Life on ravaged Earth had changed forever, but one huge dilemma remained; what to do with the hundreds of thousands of bloodthirsty alien prisoners of war who became trapped there. When a new form of gladiatorial combat is initiated, which both wows and shocks the world audience, public opinion becomes deeply divided on the barbaric displays, and Taylor must choose a side. Never having been able to report Chandra's fate, Tsengal finally awakens from his coma and reveals information to Taylor of the alien leaders plans which threaten Earth once more. Taylor faces a new war he could never have seen coming. A war where human will fight human, and each death brings the alien enemy closer to victory. Mitch must set out with just a handful of loyal marines to prevent a new world war that could be all the opportunity the aliens need to finally take Earth. Battle Earth is a futuristic sci-fi action adventure series that chronicles vast bloody battles following humanity’s first reach into the stars.


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